Trackfiles Episode 34 – October 21, 2011

In this episode, I look back at the Icenrye Southwest Tour 2011. Also, there’s a look at two Caching 101 events in the province of British Columbia, three milestones and the latest caption contest from Groundspeek. This plus Podcast Rewind and some video from the trip.

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Links in Show:
My Vacation Blog
My SmugMug Photoset
My Appearence on TWiT
Fremont Street Experience
Fitz Casino & Hotel Las Vegas
GC2AN6F CC See Sea Si (Unknown Cache) in Oregon, United States created by Twinx Two
GC2DZBM the goldfinch’s nest (Traditional Cache) in Washington, United States created by fleet fouses
Caching 101 Video by Pgcachers
GC35CKR New Geo Cachers Event: NorBrock Stadium (MITH) (Event Cache) in British Columbia. An Event cache by MITH Cacher Caption Contest 28 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize – Latitude 47
GC35CCJ fluffyfish’s farewell flash (Event Cache) in New South Wales, Australia created by fluffyfish
GC35M4F Let’s play BINGO ! (Event Cache) in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany created by stern70 & RoLaBeKa
GC2HX43 Fumble After Dark 2011 (Mega-Event Cache) in Västra Götaland, Sweden created by FumbleAfterDark
GC35EYE NV Cache-Luck 2011 (Event Cache) in Nevada, United States created by NVTaps
GC35D29 Wass-up? (Event Cache) in Ontario, Canada created by murfster
Geocaching Podcast
Centennial State Geocaching
Cacher’s Corner